Bring your Christmas cards to life with our Christmas family photoshoot


YEEEY, it’s that time of the year again when we wrap up warm and start preparing for the festive season. Everyone is really excited, there’s magic in the air and we are all getting ready for an unforgettable and well-deserved Christmas this year, where we get to see, hug, and celebrate with family and friends.

 At Mum Dad and Me Photography, we really cherish the moments we get to share with our little and grown-up clients as together we celebrate life’s biggest milestones and create beautiful memories for years and generations to come. This year is definitely one such milestone for all of us and we have gone far and beyond with our Christmas family photoshoot set-ups.

christmas family photoshoot

Christmas Family Photoshoot in Surrey

In this blog post, we would like to take the opportunity and invite you for an enchanting Christmas family photoshoot at our Surrey-based studio, where the magic really comes alive and all is reflected in the beautiful pictures you receive afterward. So it happens that the images from your mini session make the perfect family Christmas cards – a tradition we really like to keep and revive.

family christmas photo

There’s nothing more personal than a family Christmas card

Sending Christmas cards is a tradition that dates back to early 19th-century England. Thanks to social media, our busy schedules and a plethora of other excuses, it’s one we’ve unfortunately fallen away from.

Here at Mum Dad and Me Photography, we firmly believe in the importance of spreading some Christmas cheer and love the good old-fashioned way. After nearly two years where we’ve lost so much physical contact with loved ones and fellow humans and everything has become so digitalised, a hard copy Christmas card will surely be well received and truly cherished!   

If you’re not sure when the best time to send yours is – the prime time would be the beginning of December, aiming for them to arrive a week before Christmas. Our Christmas family photoshoot sessions commence on the 1at November just in time.

Here is a little list of reminders why we believe you should bring the tradition of sending Christmas cards back in your own family.


Sending an actual card provides a physical touch

A Christmas card is a tangible way to show your loved ones that you care. Creating a card takes time and effort! Apart from the message inside it also sends a message of love and care. Shows you took a few moments of your busy day to think of the recipient. It’s a small gesture to say “You are special to me.”

Handwriting is what’s considered personal in the digital age.

It’s easy to send a Facebook/Instagram message or shoot an e-card to a list of recipients.  In today’s digital world, handwriting is a personal touch that we see less and less. Just a sentence or two is all it takes but it makes all the difference.

It’s a piece of mail that is sure to bring a smile. 

All of us know that when there’s something other than bills, bills, bills in the post box it’s a good day. Let your beautiful card be that happy mail.  A handwritten address rather than a printed name on an envelope will bring a smile to the recipient’s face even before they’ve ripped it open.

A Christmas card can be kept for years to come.

When you send a photo card year after year, it’s like a picture timeline of your family’s story. Not only will the addressees want to hold onto it, especially when they are family, but you will also want to keep a copy for yourself, too. Imagine opening a box of all your family’s Christmas cards, collected over the years, when your children have grown and have their own families (when probably everything will be digital…) Unlike a text message which will be gone almost instantly, or an email that will be lost in the inbox, Christmas photo cards are something that will keep!

christmas card

Christmas cards keep you connected to people.

If you don’t see some of your family and friends in person often, which a lot of us haven’t in the past year, cards are a great and thoughtful way to stay connected and show you think of them and care. Writing a longer note — a little life update of sorts, introducing the new member of the family’s first Christmas — is a thoughtful way to keep them in the loop on important events in your family’s life.

People relish having Christmas cards displayed in their home

What’s a more joyful Christmas decoration than cards from friends and family? Especially when they feature special images from your Christmas family photoshoot! Cards undoubtedly add to the heart of the holiday season, which is love.

Cards are the perfect excuse to indulge your family in a magical Christmas family photoshoot. 

The best part about Christmas photo cards is that you get to have a professional Christmas themed photoshoot at Mum Dad and Me Photography (we would love it if you choose us to create those special images for your family’s Christmas cards). The best and most cherished and forever kept Christmas cards are the ones that feature an image of the senders. While this may sound cheesy, Family and Love truly are the reason for the season.


So why not join our Christmas family photoshoot to get into the Christmas spirit and make your very own Christmas cards to send family and friends.

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