Hello dear parents! Warm welcome to our first blog post at Mum Dad and Me Photography. We are pleased to introduce you our top newborn photographer – Tamara. This is her story:

“This is a very exciting time for me and I’d love to properly introduce myself and share my personal story. For me newborn photography is not simply work. It’s my life and I am blessed to have found my passion and the opportunity to share every new parent’s joy!

I have to admit, my journey to photography was a long one. I have always been a creative soul, but under cultural pressure of getting ‘’serious’’ education my parents pointed me into accounting in college, followed by banking at university. The older I got, the more I got to understand this was not something that sparked my soul and I wanted to do in life…

By the time I graduated, I’d already become a mum and a wife. As I was mature enough and learned to trust my gut, the realisation really hit me and I clearly knew finances was far from what I wanted to do in life. This was the moment when my soul search really started. I joined an art class where I learned to paint and draw. In 2013, I fell pregnant again but unfortunately my baby girl was born early and didn’t survive. That broke my heart. It was the worst experience I could possibly go through, but was also a wake-up call and made me realise how much I would love to have a career evolving around new life.

Shortly after this horrific event, I took a maternity class where I was given the opportunity to learn so much about newborns. I loved this experience and thought how wonderful it would be if I studied medicine and became a midwife. After thorough research and preparation for entry exams, I was ready to become a student again at City university and study midwifery. In the spring of 2014 after an open day at City university, I found out that I was expecting again! To my surprise I was pregnant with twins. I was over the moon bursting with joy but that meant putting an end to my dream job (as it felt at a time) to become a midwife.

During my pregnancy, I remember looking at professional newborn pictures, thinking how I would love to have this type of photos of my babies. That’s when I booked my first session! When my babies were born, we had their first pictures taken by a lovely photographer – a true artist. Upon arrival at her home studio and getting fully involved in our newborn session I had this lightbulb moment – a true awakening! It was a spiritual sign, a voice from my soul! Suddenly, everything simply made sense and I realised that all I studied for and experienced was a preparation for what was my real calling in life. Everything has come together: finance, art, maternity nurse, doula experience, babies – I could actually put this all together and create timeless memories for parents of their babies in the form of artistic images.

I didn’t waste a minute and signed up for a professional photography course! After two wonderful years, coming to the end of my degree I came across Russ Jackson’s newborn forum and without thinking twice I registered and booked the course to master my skills as a specialist newborn photographer. During the course, I also completed first aid training for newborns, children and adults, which of course is essential when dealing with babies. This all happened in May 2017 and a few months later I was ready to start my dream job! I started having independent newborn sessions to slowly build my professional portfolio. I am very fortunate that I have found my true professional love! I’m thankful to every life experience that made me unique in a way that I can relate and understand families who are first time parents. Those who may have lost a baby in a previous pregnancy and that is their rainbow baby or multiple babies which I also have great experience with.

My journey has began and I can wholeheartedly welcome you to my dream world of Mum Dad and Me Photography, where precious memories are eternalised in the blink of a lens and converted into timeless art pieces for you and your children to enjoy when they grow up!

Thank you for reading my blog and being part of my story! Now it’s your turn to share yours!”