‘’Rainbow babies’’ a ray of light after the storm!

Getting pregnant and having a baby are undoubtedly the biggest and happiest moments in a family’s life! Life literally transforms in the blink of an eye as having a baby is an experience unlike any other for all couples! The joy and excitement can be viciously turned into the exact opposite for some families when they get hit by the heart-breaking news of miscarriage, stillbirth or an early loss of the bundle of joy they so passionately awaited…

This subject is very close to our hearts as Tamara – our beloved maternity and newborn photographer had gone through this excruciating loss before she had her beautiful twins! We know from experience how important it is to celebrate the birth of a long-awaited baby after the crippling loss… Many women feel mixed emotions and even guilt to celebrate their miracle rainbow baby as it comes very soon after the loss! A rainbow baby doesn’t mean your loss should be forgotten. It is actually quite the opposite – your rainbow baby will carry the torch of the love you will always have for the child you lost, and when you hold that precious baby you’ll fully understand the meaning of the term. Rainbow baby stories are beautiful and empowering tales of renewal and healing, with underlying emotions ranging from bittersweet happiness to overwhelming joy.

“Rainbow” is a term we use in the newborn photography industry and the reason we do so is that the rainbow symbolises hope after a devastating storm. This is why we take special attention in perfecting your baby photos for you to keep and cherish for years to come.