Why book a pregnancy photoshoot?

Hello and welcome to our new blog, where we will talk about all things maternity!

Not long ago we opened our bump gallery! We are beyond excited to finally be able to offer maternity photography service across London and cater to expecting parents!

The miracle of new life starts his/her journey from forming in the mother’s womb!

The first time You feel your baby’s kick and when that round tummy starts showing! You are literally glowing with happiness from within-now this is something to remember! Also, it is the perfect timing for your maternity photoshoot! We are truly honored to be able to help families ‘’freeze’’ some of these precious moments during our special pregnancy photoshoot sessions.

Maternity photography is extremely popular, especially with first-time mummies to be. We adore sharing these incredible emotions with You and have developed packages for both outdoors and studio maternity photo shoots, which both show you and the little bundle of joy in your belly in a different light!

pregnancy photoshoot

A studio pregnancy photoshoot

is putting an accent on you and baby bump only. We have different backgrounds and have developed special photoshoot protocols, where we get to show each and every angle and emotion, without the noise around. It’s just you and baby dressed in a variety of stunning dresses, designed only for Mum Dad and Me Photography by a well-known Wedding Dress Designer.

maternity photography

An outdoors pregnancy photoshoot 

focuses on both you, the baby bump, and the environment around. We have special outdoor protocols for the maternity photoshoot, where we focus on year-round outdoor locations and poses for You, the siblings, and the spouses. These sessions are very popular especially close to the time of birth as they represent the season the baby is going to be born.

pregnancy photoshoot

Every stage of pregnancy is beautiful but it can also have its own challenges.  Morning sickness, heartburn, feeling heavy etc. can also be a part of general getting used to having that beautiful life growing inside You. All of these symptoms can make us feel not so beautiful at times!

By week 30-32 most of these symptoms go away and You start feeling energetic and beautiful!  You have already got to know your baby well enough from those kicks when he/she is the most active; what food he/she responds to or maybe he/she has already developed a taste for music you both like listening to. That’s the time when you talk or sing to your tummy, stroke it gently and feel where baby’s tiny little feet and hands are, as he/she has already formed into a little human!

We would love to capture not only that beautiful Bump but also the emotion on your face which bursts with pure and unconditional love towards that little human inside you.

Lots of pregnant ladies have body issues and feel “fat”. First and foremost – an expecting woman is NEVER fat, she is pregnant! We take extra time and always go that extra mile talking you through the process about any worries you might have when it comes to your body. Our specially developed pregnancy photoshoot protocols ensure You will be posed in a flattering way and play with light to make you look and shine like the Queen you are! We carefully select the design of dresses which will fit any size and will enhance and define your silhouette. We guarantee you that you will look absolutely stunning!

You are about to experience one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) miracles of Life! Your life is about to change forever with this beautiful gift you are carrying. Give yourself and your family a present! Let us capture and eternalize this special time of your life!

Our maternity photography packages allow you to convert memories into stunning pieces of art which you can always look back to with a smile and enjoy for years to come! If you ask us, a pregnancy photoshoot is essential as motherhood truly starts with your bump!